Why Should You Lease a New Hyundai at Jim Ellis Hyundai Atlanta?

The automotive industry thrives on choices, though when it comes to financing, those choices dwindle. Various makes, models and trims anticipate your needs, but a loan or lease serve as the only two payment options.

To lease a vehicle means you're not outright buying it, but more or less renting it. You make payments for the vehicle over a certain period of time, and once that time period is up, you'll return it. On the other hand, with a loan you're borrowing money to pay for a vehicle. There are many options, such as a bank or dealership, you can take out a loan from. In most cases, the option that works best depends on the borrower's preference and financial situation.

Choosing a vehicle ends up being the easy part. Shop through the new Hyundai lineup and you will likely stumble upon a suitable steed like the Hyundai Santa Fe or Hyundai Sonata; but go to finance, and you have to foresee both your automotive and financial future: Where are you going, and how much money will you have when you get there?

Each financial program has its benefits, but there is something to be said about leasing. Whether you prefer to keep up with trends, tight on cash or drawn to higher trims and models, leasing is the way to go, and here is why:

Advantages of Leasing a New Hyundai

  • No need to spend months saving for that down payment: leasing requires less money down.
  • You get to experience considerably lower monthly payments.
  • With a three-year lease, the factory warranty covers most repairs, meaning you will not be spending too much money in the service center.
  • You get to indulge in models and trims you might not have been able to afford otherwise.
  • You can experience that new car smell every few years.
  • At the end of your lease, you can skip the trade-in hassle and instead have very easy end-of-lease options like purchasing your new Hyundai outright or leasing another new ride.

At Jim Ellis Hyundai Atlanta, leasing a new Hyundai model is a cinch. Explore our new Hyundai selection and then pay our financing associates a visit. With their expertise, you can get established with a lease tailored to your individual financial needs.

If you should live in the greater Roswell, Duluth, GA, Marietta and Alpharetta region, we encourage you to join us here in Atlanta today.

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