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This information is as up to date as we can keep it, but please note that the documentation you receive with your Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai supersedes anything written here. Click on your question below to jump to the answer:

What does a "Certified Pre-Owned" Hyundai mean?

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Hyundais have undergone a rigorous 150-point inspection at your dealership.  Because they are Certified, they come with the standard 10 year / 100,000 mile Powertrain Limited Warranty, a 10 year unlimited mileage roadside assistance plan, the car is eligible for Additional Comprehensive Mechanical failure coverage up to 100,000 miles, Towing / Rental / Travel breakdown benefits, and a CARFAX vehicle history report.

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What are the benefits of owning a Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai?

Owners of a Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai receive the following:
  • A complete detailed listing of the 150-point inspection, as well as details regarding any recall work that may have been performed
  • 10 year / 100,000 mile Powertrain Limited Warranty
  • 10 year Unlimited Mileage Roadside Assistance Plan
  • Eligible for Additional Comprehensive Mechanical failure coverage up to 100,000 miles
  • Towing / Rental / Travel breakdown benefits
  • CARFAX vehicle history report

What is included in the 10 year / 100,000 mile Powertrain Limited Warranty?

The standard Hyundai new car Powertrain Limited Warranty is good for 10 years and up to 100,000 miles.  When a Hyundai is sold as Certified Pre-Owned the exact same coverage applies to the pre-owned car.  Ask your salesperson for more details about Hyundai Warranty coverage.

What is included in the additional Comprehensive Mechanical failure coverage up to 100,000 miles?

Hyundai additional coverage is actually offered in a series of plans or packages that protect various areas of the car, and can help defray the cost of regular maintenance such as tire replacement or service visits.

When you choose the Hyundai Protection Plan that's right for you, you can be covered for up to 164,000 total miles, depending upon the mileage of your vehicle.  And if you buy the protection plan at the same time as you purchase your vehicle, you may be able to include the cost of the plan in the financing of your vehicle.

What is included in the 10 Year Unlimited Mileage Roadside Assistance Plan?

As a Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle customer, your Hyundai is covered for the following roadside assistance services:

  • Towing, including accidents
  • Battery jump starts
  • Change flat tire
  • Lock-out
  • Out of gas
  • Trip interruption
Exclusions: Roadside Assistance is NOT A WARRANTY. For a description of the vehicle warranty covering your Hyundai, see the Hyundai New Vehicle Limited Warranty section of the Owner's Handbook. Roadside Assistance is a limited service, provided to you to help minimize any unforeseen vehicle operation inconvenience.

The Hyundai Roadside Assistance Program does not include reimbursement for any costs/charges for repairs, parts, labor, property loss, or any other expense incurred as a result of accident/collision, vehicle abuse, racing, vandalism, or other items not covered by the Hyundai New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Also excluded are services for snow tires, repair to studs, mounting or demounting of snow chains, and any fines, fees, or taxes associated with impound towing as a result of any actual or alleged violation of any law or regulation.

Off-roading is not covered. To receive service, the vehicle must be accessible from a publicly maintained road.

Hyundai offers free coverage for those customers driving Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

Included Program Benefits:
  • Rental car coverage - rent up to ten (10) total days up to $35 per day
  • Towing Coverage - for covered mechanical breakdown towing to the nearest Hyundai dealership - up to $75 per occurrence
  • Travel Breakdown coverage - for breakdowns more than 100 miles from home, we will reimburse for food and lodging for a covered mechanical breakdown per occurrence up to $75

What are the 150 points inspected on the Pre-Owned Hyundais that are marked Certified?

Hyundai certified service technicians at Jim Ellis Hyundai review the following 150 points on every Hyundai marked Certified Pre-Owned on the lot.

1.    The vehicle must have a clear CarFax history report before the inspection can commence. The new owner will receive a copy of this report.

Test Drive

2.     Car starts without hesitation
3.     Cold engine idle
4.     Warm engine idle
5.     No abnormal engine noise present
6.     Throttle operation
7.     No abnormal exhaust noise present
8.     Transmission and shift interlock function: shifts and smoothness
9.     Clutch function: shifts properly without slipping (if applicable)
10.    No abnormal noise/rattles/squeaks
11.    Steering alignment
12.    Vehicle tracks properly while driving
13.    ABS system operates properly and performs correctly
14.    Dash gauges and lights are operational
15.    Cruise control operation: set, cancel and resume function
16.    Parking brake operation: the brake sets, holds and releases
17.    Body/suspension: noise, operation


18.    Paint: finish and appearance
19.    Trim: finish and appearance
20.    Body Panels: fit and alignment
21.    Frame: no visible damage
22.    Front bumper: finish, appearance, no visible damage
23.    Body moldings: fit and adjustment, no visible damage
24.    Rear bumper: finish, appearance, no visible damage
25.    Head lamps: high/low operation, clear lens, no damage
26.    Parking lamp: operation, clear lens, no damage
27.    Brake light: high mount tail light, reverse and license plate light: operation, clear lens, no damage
28.    Fog lamps: operation, clear lens, no damage
29.    Turn signals: operation, clear lens, no damage
30.    Side lights: operation, clear lens, no damage
31.    Wiper arms and blades: no streaking
32.    Windshield and vehicle glass: no chips/cracks
33.    Read defrost element: no visible damage
34.    Side mirrors: present, operational
35.    Antenna: present, operational (if applicable)
36.    Locks: operation on all doors
37.    Remote entry: unlock/lock operation
38.    Door hinges: door opens smooth, free of squeaks
39.    Hood strut: operation (if applicable)
40.    Rear lift gate struts & lock: operation (if applicable)
41.    Remote trunk entry: operation
42.    Trunk carpet: condition
43.    Jack and jack handle: present
44.    Spare tire: condition, pressure
45.    License plate bracket: present
46.    No water damage evident
47.    Wheels/rims: no visible damage
48.    Exterior modifications abide by factory specifications


49.    Master key & spare key: present
50.    Door handles: operation and condition
51.    Reading or map light operate
52.    Clock functions and is set to correct time
53.    Hazard light and switch operates
54.    Seat belt: condition and operation
55.    Seat belt: pretensioner & height adjuster operation
56.    Fabric or leather: condition and appearance
57.    Vehicle is free of odor or scents to mask odor
58.    Trim: finish and appearance
59.    Carpet: condition, appearance, no visible stains or damage
60.    Ashtray: clean
61.    Cup holders: present
62.    Glove box and glove box lock operates
63.    Owners manual & warranty manual are present
64.    Rearview mirror: operation (day/night)
65.    Vanity mirror and light operate
66.    Side mirror controls operate
67.    Radio: check operation and clear preset channels
68.    Cassette player: operations (if applicable)
69.    CD player/changer operation
70.    Speakers: check operation of all speakers
71.    Climate control: functions and adjusts as required
72.    Steering wheel lock and controls operate
73.    Defogger/defroster operates
74.    Horn operates
75.    Tilt and/or telescopic steering operation
76.    Memory steering column operation (if applicable)
77.    Power rear sun shade operation (if applicable)
78.    Trunk light and trunk release operation
79.    Hood release operation
80.    Wiper operation: interval and speed control operates
81.    Fuel gauge: operation
82.    Fuel door and release operation
83.    Air bag: exterior condition, intact, locks, dash light operation
84.    Gear shift indicator correctly identified gear
85.    Alarm/theft deterrent: arms and disarms
86.    Warning bells/chimes operate
87.    HVAC fan operation
88.    Air conditioner operates and blows cold air
89.    Heater operates and blows hot air
90.    Sunroof glass; no chips, streaks or cracks
91.    Sunroof shade condition
92.    Power sunroof functions and controls operate
93.    Outside temperature gauge operates
94.    Navigation system and compass functions
95.    Cigarette lighter: present and condition (if applicable)
96.    Power windows operate
97.    Auto up and down window function operates
98.    Power door lock operation (including child safety)
99.    Headrest: movement and operation
100.    Manual seat(s): operation
101.    Power seat(s): operation
102.    Seat heater(s): operation
103.    Power memory seat: operation
104.    Lumbar support adjustment operates
105.    Overall interior cleanliness


106.    Perform service recalls/ updates/ campaigns on vehicle
107.    Check vehicle for trouble codes
108.    Emission system operation
109.    Valve covers condition: no visible leaks
110.    Engine seals & gaskets: condition, no visible leaks
111.    Check for evidence of sludge
112.    Check for evidence of water ingestion
113.    Engine belts: operation and condition
114.    Engine hoses: operation and condition
115.    Engine mount condition
116.    Belt tensioner operation
117.    Transmission mounts, seals & gaskets condition; no visible leaks or damage
118.    Vacuum line condition
119.    CV axles & boots: no visible leaks / damage
120.    Differential/drive axles: condition, no visible leaks/damage
121.    Muffler, catalytic converter, tail pipe & hangers: condition
122.    Air filter and dust / pollen filter condition
123.    Steering rack / pump operation, no visible leaks or damage
124.    Steering hose(s): no visible leaks/damage
125.    Struts/shocks: proper ride height, condition, no visible leaks
126.    Hood insulation condition
127.    Sway bar/control arms/ball joints/ tie rods and idle arms: operation and condition
128.    Suspension links and bushing: condition
129.    Labels/decals: present and condition
130.    Water pump operation, no visible leaks
131.    Fuel pump operation, no visible leaks
132.    Radiator, cap and cooling fan operation, no visible damage/leaks
133.    Coolant recovery tank, sensor and fan cover condition
134.    Battery and cables: condition, level, load test, free of corrosion
135.    Ignition, starter and accelerator: operation and condition
136.    Fluids: check levels and condition
          a.    Oil
          b.    Transmission
          c.    Washer
          d.    Power steering
          e.    Engine coolant
           f.    Brake fluid
137.    A/C refrigerant (sight glass inspection)
138.    A/C compressor: operation, no visible leaks
139.    A/C clutch: operation, no abnormal noise
140.    A/C belts and hoses: operation and condition
141.    No water damage evidence
142.    Mechanical modifications abide by factory specifications

Tires & Wheels

143.    Remaining tread depth (minimum 5/32")
          a.    Front
          b.    Rear
144.    Tires: size correct and match (all four) and no damage
145.    Tire pressure correct on all four tires
146.    Wheels: size correct and match (all four)
147.    Lug nuts present and properly torqued, lug nut lock key provided
148.    Brake pad minimum remaining wear
           a.    Front
           b.    Rear
149.    Master cylinder, brake booster, brake rotors: operation and condition
150.    Brake calipers, lines and fittings: operation, no visible leaks

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