Hyundai Lease Deals, Specials, & Offers In Atlanta

For Hyundai lease deals on new cars for sale, get in touch with our dealership. We carry the full lineup of new Hyundai models. If you're on the hunt for a new urban compact SUV, don't miss the new Hyundai Venue. Maybe you want to reduce your carbon footprint and go green with a new electric SUV. In that case, we suggest the new Kona Electric. Do you need a new SUV with seating for eight? Then the new Palisade is just the ticket. Whatever your needs are, you'll find Hyundai lease offers at our dealership in Georgia.

Has a new Hyundai sedan caught your eye? Maybe you're wondering how the Elantra compares to the Sonata. We invite you to visit our dealership to test drive and tour both models. After you take a spin in the new Sonata mid-size sedan, you'll be ready to apply for Hyundai lease specials with our finance department.

The Best Time To Buy a New Car

If you are clicking through our dealership website, you're probably getting ready to buy a new car and looking for discounts on car leases. You picked a smart moment because our Hyundai lease deals make now a great time to buy a new car. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how you can save on the Hyundai that's perfect for you.

Hyundai Lease in Atlanta

When you're ready to put a smile on your face every time you walk out to your car in the morning, get in touch with our team about lease offers on the new 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz. This sport adventure vehicle is part SUV, part pickup truck, and all action. If you're debating between the new five-passenger Santa Fe and the new Tucson N Line, don't miss the new Santa Cruz for seating and versatility.

Leasing vs. Financing: What's the Difference?

Many of our regular customers are unsure about the best way to buy a car. We tell them what we're about to tell you - it all depends on your needs and preferences. Are you someone who likes to have all the latest features? Do you typically drive fewer than 10,000 miles per year? Do you like the peace of mind that comes with warranty-covered maintenance? If so, then one of our Hyundai lease deals is a great decision.

If you prefer to own what you drive and rack up more than 10,000 miles on the odometer every year, then one of our finance offers might suit your needs better than a lease.

One of our Hyundai lease offers is also a great way to get into a more expensive vehicle because when you lease, you're not paying for the entire vehicle. You're only covering the cost of depreciation. If you have your eye on the new Sonata Hybrid but think it's outside your budget, talk to our team about how one of our Hyundai lease specials can get you into the car you deserve.

Basic Credit Application

If you know you're going to snag one of our Hyundai leases, then start the process of becoming pre-approved for financing with our simple credit application. After our finance department understands your credit history and what led to your credit score, we'll be able to tell you about the low down-payment options you qualify for. If you have any questions about leasing vs. financing, feel free to reach out to our finance agents for advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you transfer a Hyundai lease?

No, Hyundai does not offer a lease swap program or make it possible to transfer your auto lease. If you're looking to turn in your lease early, please contact our finance department to discuss your lease buyout options. We can help you determine if it's worth it to end your lease early and review the cost and fees of getting out of your lease.

Does Hyundai lease include gap insurance?

Yes, in many instances, gap insurance is included with your lease when financed through Hyundai. If you would like to know more about what is covered under a Hyundai lease or how GAP insurance works, feel free to get in touch with our finance team. We can tell you more about your Hyundai Protection Plan options and how gap insurance protects you in the event of a total loss insurance claim.

How much does it cost to lease a Hyundai?

If you are looking for competitive lease deals and incentives, look no further than our Hyundai dealership. We're eager to help you find the low cost lease you deserve. An auto lease covers the cost of depreciation that happens over a lease term, which is why the cost of a lease depends on the price of the vehicle, taxes in your area, and length of lease term.

Visit Jim Ellis Hyundai for Lease Deals in Atlanta

The sales and finance teams at our local Hyundai dealership are standing by to assist you. We're eager to tour you through the full trim lineup of new Hyundai Accent sedans and help you pick out the new Accent Limited that offers all of your favorite amenities. When it's time to complete the paperwork, our finance team can go over your lease options and help you choose a lease deal you can afford. We hope to see you soon at our Atlanta Hyundai dealer.

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