Are you ready to buy a new Hyundai? If so, then you will want to get the highest value when you sell or trade-in your current car prior to purchasing a new one. Here are some things to do and ways to prepare your car so you can get the highest value and most money to apply towards a new purchase.


Clean and repair the interior and exterior

A clean car is more appealing to prospective buyers, so give your car a deep cleaning, inside and out. Thoroughly vacuum and wipe down every surface of the interior. Use a little elbow grease to remove significant stains. Spread baking soda on the floorboards and seats before vacuuming and use a product like Febreze to remove noticeable odors. Wash the windows so they have a clear, streak-free clean. If there are any rips or tears in the upholstery, it may be worth having them repaired. Wash and wax your car well and repair minor chips or scratches with touch-up paint.


Skip major repairs

Attend to general maintenance needs like changing the oil, topping off fluids, replacing windshield wiper blades and replacing bulbs, but resist the urge to do major repairs as you may not receive an equal return on your investment. Dealerships can put on a new set of tires, address significant repairs and fix major dents or other flaws for much less money.


Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is always the best policy. It is in everyone’s best interest to be honest about your car and any issues it may have. If there are needs that are not apparent, chances are the prospective buyer may discover them when taking the car on a test drive or having it checked by a mechanic, so be up front from the beginning.


Find out how much your car is worth

It is important to have a realistic idea of what your car is worth in today’s market before you start negotiating a trade-in or sale. Do some research to learn how much you can reasonably expect to get for your car. Check the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) value, one of the most trusted automotive resources on the internet. Look online to see what the make, model and year of your car is selling for through dealerships, used car lots and private sales. Value your trade online with us at or have an appraisal done while you are at the dealership to test drive a new car. The appraisal and information from your research will give you a good idea of the range you can expect to be offered for your car.


Have a win-win attitude

Many people have an emotional connection to their cars and sometimes believe they are worth more than they really are. Whether you sell or trade-in your car, the goal is to have both parties in the exchange consider the outcome to be a win-win.

Preparation is the key to having a smooth experience when selling or trading-in your car. By following these tips, you can direct most of your energy into selecting a new car, and that is exciting. At Jim Ellis Hyundai Atlanta, we can help you with a trade-in or sale. We can schedule an appointment to appraise your vehicle and show you great options to consider for a new purchase. Or you can complete the entire process online Jim Ellis Express Way.

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